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Quiz Night every Thursday.
A pub quiz like no other, the Brunswick Arms Fun Quiz is a fantastic evening's entertainment.

Big screen animations, film clips, TV clips, photos, music, mystery object questions and a selection of light-hearted general knowledge questions combine to make this the best quiz - ever! You'll never hear: "shhh the quiz is on" at the Brunswick, just excited conversation and laughter.

The team with the highest score is first to play our Higher or Lower game for a cash prize. Fail to complete the challenge and the next highest scoring team has a go.
Our half-time Bingo game called by a variety of amusing famous voices is your chance to win some bonus team points and some money.
Held every Thursday at about 9pm this is one night out you won't want to miss.
Vinyl Night Friday
(First Friday of the month)
Bring your own collection to play or browse our extensive collection. A welcome opportunity to relive the magic of vinyl music.
Crockinole Knockout every Monday
Played just for fun this increasingly popular French-Canadian game from the 1750's is easy to learn and great fun to play.
Probably the most addictive pub game EVER! All welcome.
Quiz Nights and other regular events